I’ve heard bad stories about nannies mistreating the baby, would it happen to mine too?

Fortunately, nannies from NewBubs Confinement Agency undergo a rigorous election process to ensure they are fully tained and qualified. 

Face-to-face selection: All our confinement nannies are handpicked by our service team and the selection process is done face-to-face in Malaysia. We are trained to observed body language and behaviours of the candidates.

150+ hours of training:  Our confinement nannies are then put through a series of training on how to care for the mother and newborn as well as assisting mother in preparing baby for breastfeeding. 

Safety is our top priority: Our confinement nannies are trained in child First Aid which are accredited by SRFAC. They are equipped with knowledge & techniques to recognise and mitigate injuries and medical emergencies like severe breathing difficulties and bleedings not only in adult casualties but also that in children and infants.

If you're looking to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore, our commitment to rigorous training and safety ensures that you'll receive the highest quality of care for both you and your baby.

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