Must I really hire a daytime confinement nanny in Singapore?

While it is not mandatory to hire a confinement nanny, many new parents in Singapore choose to do so because they believe it can greatly benefit their physical and emotional recovery after childbirth, as well as help them adjust to the demands of caring for a newborn.


Hiring a confinement lady can provide new parents with much-needed support during this period of adjustment, and can also alleviate some of the stress associated with caring for a newborn, such as sleep deprivation and anxiety.


This is especially so for first-time parents where everything is new to them. Not knowing what to do when the baby is crying or in an emergency situation can be extremely stressful.

If you find that you need a confinement nanny's assistance to navigate through these challenges, rest assured that this choice can significantly contribute to your well-being and confidence as a new parent.

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