What is the drawback of hiring a daytime confinement nanny?

Caring for your baby at night can be one of the most challenging aspects of newborn parenting. The disruption of waking up every two to three hours to feed a hungry baby is unfamiliar territory for many new parents, making it difficult to function during the day. If you opt for a daytime confinement nanny, they will not provide support during nighttime feedings, resulting in less rest for the mother.

We strongly recommend having nighttime support, especially for first-time parents, as it offers the following benefits::

  1. Sufficient rest to aid in recovery and recuperation.
  2. More time to adjust and adapt to parenthood.

If you're weighing your options on how to manage the demands of newborn care, hiring a daytime confinement nanny might alleviate some challenges but considering nighttime support can significantly contribute to your well-being during this crucial phase.

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